As a company that cares, our contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is integrated into our strategies across our business value chain. Based on prioritization, 7 SDGs most relevant to the business have been highlighted with objective to both increase positive impact and reduce negative impact from business operations. The long-term targets specific for each of 7 Goals are developed and monitored.

Caring For Our Environment

Tree Marine is committed to making her business more sustainable every day and passing this on to future generations. In line with our business objectives of growing with sustainability in mind, we support the UN Sustainable Development Goals to which we can most contribute in and this help to guide us in prioritizing our sustainability-related effort and work.

UNSDGInitiativesTarget 2021Target 2022
  • In ensuring growth with sustainability, we actively look for clean energy and renewables projects
Minimum 50% of company revenue from clean energy projectsMinimum 50% of company revenue from clean energy projects
  • Ensure for vessels that we handle to have plans for waste and pollution handling.
  • Ensure that we only promote low sulphur or low carbon marine supplies.
100% compliance100% compliance
We are glad to achieve the targets for 2021 and by have more than 50% of our revenue from clean energy projects. We also managed to ensure 100% compliance in waste and pollution handling for clients’ vessels calling Vietnam.


Social sustainability becomes very important to us, especially during COVID-19 period, we have spent about 50% of our time in 2020 and 2021 working from home and it is especially challenging for our people. However, with adequate support in place, we managed to emerge stronger than ever.
UNSDGInitiativesTarget 2021Target 2022
  • Encourage our people to be vaccinated before coming office
  • Unrecorded sick leave due to Covid 19
  • Implementing software to monitor and encourage work-life balance
  • Ergonomic office workspace
  • Fully vaccinated workforce
  • Hybrid workforce
  • Fully vaccinated workforce with booster shots.
  • Hybrid workforce
  • Encourage lifelong learning.
  • Company-sponsored higher education
8 hours of training per month for all employees8 hours of training per month for all employees
  • Equal participation of decision making
  • Merit-based promotion
50% of both gender at all levels of position50% of both gender at all levels of position
  • No pay cut policy
  • Market pay across positions
  • Safety at work policy
  • Improving employee engagement policy
Yearly pay revisionYearly pay revision
  • Cyber security awareness and practices in ensuring we are not the weakest link
100% completion rate for employees100% completion rate for new employees as well as refresher training for trained employees

Our people enjoy the safe and comfortable working environment in the office and are provided with company laptops with the necessary software to ensure that they have flexibility in work as we embrace a hybrid working environment.

We encourage gender equality, and we have active women participation in key positions in the company. There is no gender equality policy in our company as we have a fair treatment policy. Our people are assessed based on merit and not any other reasons.

We are very focused on lifelong learning with both internal and external trainers and speakers sharing experiences every month and currently, we have about 20% of our workforce are taking courses in higher learning.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are glad to be able to continue paying a fair salary to our employees without any cut in pay. This is due to a committed workforce working together for everyone’s benefit.


Ethics And Anti-Corruption

Respecting the law and doing the right things with integrity are the foundation of our governing elements and culture, and we have the same expectation of our partners and suppliers.

Our people are expected to perform to the highest ethical standards in their dealings with all stakeholders. By adopting the justice approach to ethical decision-making, we strive to maintain fairness in all our dealings.

We are consistently working on our business standards to ensure that it is in line with current business practices, local laws, and regulations.

UNSDGInitiativesTarget 2021Target 2022
  • We are guided by our policies on ethics and anti-corruption.
100% completion rate for business training standards for employees100% completion rate for new employees as well as refresher training for trained employees

Gifts And Entertainment Policy

Tree Marine acknowledges that the giving and receiving of gifts and entertainment can be an acceptable business practice. However, they must always be reasonable, modest, proportionate and given or received in good faith. Tree Marine wants to ensure that any giving or receiving of gifts or entertainment at Tree Marine remains a healthy part of building and maintaining good business relationships – without any ‘strings attached’.

Any gift must be unsolicited and not affect, or be perceived as affecting, business judgment. Gifts should only be offered to and received in connection with a customary business or cultural occasion. Cash, loans, kickbacks or equivalent advantages are absolutely prohibited.

Gifts must not exceed USD200 and in any event, must not occur more than 3 times a year with the same person unless it is for a different job or project.

Hospitality (Meals And Entertainment)

Hospitality must be unsolicited and not affect or be perceived as affecting business judgment. Meals and entertainment should only be offered to and received from the Tree Marine representative dealing with the customer or service provider in their role in Tree Marine, is for purposes supported by Tree Marine and may only be offered in conjunction with legitimate business meetings, conferences or events hosted, supported, or sponsored by Tree Marine. They may never be provided on a stand-alone basis.

Hospitality must not exceed USD200 (for executives and below) and USD 300 (for managers and above) and in any event, must not occur more than 3 times a year with the same person unless it is for a different job or project.

Declaration Of Conflict Of Interest

Conflict of interest occurs when a personal interest or relationship is placed before the business interest and can lead to corrupt activities such as giving or accepting bribes. In order to safeguard the business interest, all our employees are required to declare any potential or conflict of interest incidents to us without delay. Tree Marine will then use the information to take the most appropriate course of action. This could include excluding the employee from engaging in the work or transferring the employee to another department or post.

We have “ZERO” tolerance on corruption and our anti-corruption efforts are based on our core values which our employees are guided by in their day-to-day work.
Should you have any complaints about our people in their dealings with you, please write in to (This email is only read by shareholders of Tree Marine)